Centre Chorégraphique National de Créteil

Festival Kalypso

The curtain closed on the 7th edition of the Kalypso festival on December 17, 2019 after having gathered more than 29,000 festival-goers over two months. 18 cities and 22 venues in the Parisian region joined forces with the CCN of Créteil and Val-de-Marne to unveil the diverse faces of hip-hop dance to an ever wider and more eclectic audience. 54 companies from France and abroad offered an anthology of creations: performances, carte blanche, battles and short films revealing a multiplicity of fertile and innovative approaches in the field of contemporary creation.

As a true artistic launching pad, Kalypso was able to highlight, for the time of an autumn, hip-hop dance as a boiling art in constant mutation.

Thank you all and see you in November 2020 !

More info : www.kalypso.karavelkalypso.com